Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why can't I logon to control panel

To successfully use this service, please note that you will need to be your company's Email Administrator. Please contact technical support at 1-877-673-1868 for more information.


Question: Why do I receive an invalid character error when I try to add an account?

Before an account is added to the system it verifies that your Email profile does not have invalid characters such as @\*&# or spaces.


Question: Why do I receive error 0x003b when I try to access the control panel?

Error 0x003b can be caused by cached information between this server and your machine. Some proxy servers will cache information to save bandwidth which will send you previous information but in return you will be sending the LOGIX administration server old information which does not match any connections to the server.

If you are receiving this error constantly, please contact repair and technical support at 1-877-673-1868.